SHOT Show 2019

I usually scour the internet for photos of new ammo products from SHOT show (happening this week), but I am in Aruba this week doing lazy things. So if anybody wants to get it going with pics, the best places are doing searches on Youtube for “SHOT show 2019”, or Thefirearmblog, or just search engine searches. Companies will usually show their new stuff on Facebook during the show as well.


Why would you possibly want to be in Aruba this time of year when you could be back home FREEZING!?

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I guess people, even Mainiacs, don’t buy Winnebagos in January!

Greetings from Australia. Sitting here sweating in 95 degrees. It was 115 when I jumped into the parked car. Not game to handle any of the collection till it cools down.
Just stirring when you mention storms and freezing temps.This is Summertime. Ron.

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Winchester’s new .350 Legend cartridge

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From a shooter standpoint that is interesting!

Is this an extra long 9x19 then?

I think this is more of a modernized straight-walled .35 Winchester (cut down) to be chambered in AR’s.

9mm Winchester Magnum.


The .350 Legend in based on the .223 Remington case. Case length is 1.71" (43.48 mm).

New 12 Gauge Mini-Shell by Federal:

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Fede’s explanation makes more sense than mine since the entire case is obviously just over the diameter of the projectile. So, sort of a longer 9mm Winmag?

Hope they feed better than their standard field load 😬

No, more like a .351WSL with bells and whistles…

Doc AV.
Like the 1920s song…".Everything old is new again"

I just noticed that Sierra Bullets is advertising on their website that loaded ammunition will be new from them for 2019, and this must be Sierra’s big thing at SHOT this year. So this follows the example of Swift from a few years ago being a long time projectile manufacturer getting into the loaded ammo market. Naturally I wonder who is actually loading the ammo for them, or if they are doing it on their own? Looks like rifle hunting calibers will be their main objective, and I will be interested to see if they enter the self-defense pistol caliber market since they already provide the projectiles for the Sig V-Crown line. Their advertised rifle loads all feature their TGK “Gamechanger” ballistic tip, which is like an evolved Sierra Gameking. So far they list 5 calibers: .308 Win, 6mm Creedmoor, .270 Win, .243 Win, and 6.5 Creedmoor.



On the topic of the new .350 Legend from Winchester, it is now being said that Winchester claims this will be the “highest velocity straight-walled hunting cartridge on the market”. I have not had time to look into any specifics yet (the .350 Legend velocity?), and I don’t know if Winchester means average velocities of other common loads in common straight-wall calibers, or if they are considering all of the oddballs which are frangible or solid copper.

I came up with this list in a Facebook discussion about this topic though, does anyone else know of any straight-wall rifle cartridges which are over 2775 fps though? I wonder if Winchester’s will be over 2800 fps then, or where it will fall.

The current king, as far as I know, is the .450 Bushmaster from Black Butterfly loaded with the 160gr tipped solid-copper “Raptor” at 2775fps:

And then there is the 2620 fps from the Polycase ARX 158gr loaded in .450 Bushmaster:

and there are a bunch of other lead-free straight-wall jobs in calibers like .45 Raptor, .444 Marlin, .500 Automax, and even .45-70.

This .45 Raptor with Lehigh bullet from Underwood goes 2585fps:

and this .444 Marlin is at 2660fps:

you’ll get 2500fps out of the Polycase 200gr in a .50 Beowulf:

And if we’re being technical about it, then let’s add in Slapshot USA’s “PHD” shotgun slug which travels at 3000fps according to their website:

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Well never mind, Winchester has updated their website now, and the fastest version of the .350 Legend they show is at 2350 fps. Not impressed:

This is the same velocity as Buffalo Bore’s 45-70 load with 300gr SCHP bullet which has been around a good long while now:

Browning’s .38 Special Trail Force:

New multiball pistol load, I love it! Whereas Winchester had been making the Browning ammo, I suppose they are just applying their .410 PDX1 model in this .38spl then? I hope they are imprinting the buckmark logo on the top wadcutter disc like their promotional box graphics show.,50

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