Shot show 2020 - thoughts?

What are everyone’s thoughts?

My observations:

  1. 55,000 claimed attendance seems high. I bet it was closer to 50k.
    a) This is a continued downward trend since 2014 peak
    b) 55k is back to 2008 Vegas numbers (Orlando 2009 48k)

  2. The show needs better segmentation - check out FABTECH - if you don’t need to buy welding, you avoid that section.

  3. If they don’t have enough space - what about 5x10 half booths?

I think the industry is in for continued consolidation. The market needs to contract a lot more.

My article was in SADJ - Thanks Mel for the pictures!


Jay, about avoiding sections (and I more than agree here):
I noticed that at the German IWA show. It appears they put the popular subjects guns & ammo to the corners of the core of halls and exhibition space so everybody who cares for guns only (90%?) HAS TO PASS all the other exhibitors like outdoor stuff, clothing and all sort of weird gear and bits and pieces.
Means they want to create interest in these products so these exhibitors will keep attending (AND PAYING) and the show appears to be large - just full of ballast (in my view).
So what they are doing is to annoy the main core of interested people over their own financial interests (to have more exhibitors and non-gun related customers).
All this is doing is watering down the subject, make ways much longer and steal your time.


Agreed - If the operator of the Shot wants to do something is it hard to stop them. However, IMO having to walk thorough a section is better than having to walk thought all the sections.