Shotgun Cartridges ID

I found those two somewhere on a battlefield. Can anyone give me an approximative period when they were used or at least when they were produced?

Thanks in advance! :)

This will not be of very much help. But the Wolff & Co. will be from between WW1 and WW2.
This type of headstamp id used on most of their shotshells. So it depends on which type it belongs.
The hirtenberger I have no idea, but probably from around the same period.

regards rené

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Thanks, it was helpful indeed, because i presumed they were recent.
So there isn’t a certain solution to somehow know the period?

At least the Walsrode cartridge is not at all recent. Wolff & Co. at Walsrode did not produce ammunition after WW2.
Take into consideration that on battlefields (and military training areas as well as proving grounds) ordinary hunting took (and takes) place with no relation to military action.

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So the soldiers might’ve been used shotguns to hunt in the area? After what I readed, they stood like just one night in that zone. Anyway, most probably they are from the interwar period.

I’d rather say it was hunters there before or after it was a battlefield.
With a very tiny chance that some armed forces had a shotgun with them for hunting.

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The primer of the Wolff & Co. example is marked “SINOXID”, which means it would be post-1930.

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I understood, thank you all!