Shotgun cartridges

Good day, Someone has some inspiration on collecting shotgun cartridges.


I had no inspiration, and did not realze I WAS collecting shotgun cartridges, untill I discovered I had around 100 or so different loose rounds, and a few neat old full boxes.
Seemingly everything except 28 gauge, which I just discovered last week.

Fascinating subject, used by law enforcement, military, hunters, target shooters & made by probably every maker, in various loads, dummy, blanks, shot and ball (or a combination) plus for tools.
Time can be from virtually any era
Hulls can be paper, all-paper, plastic, all-plastic, or metal: steel or brass or aluminum, Side of the paper have absolutely great art works as case wall print and the headstamps usually allow more area so can also range from plain to ornate along plus some have raised headstamps, and some even have a combination of raised and impressed headstamps.
Never ending collection, like most collectable cartridges. you can specialize in gages, or companies, or countries. Never ends, I probably have several thousand & lots more I’m looking for.

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Hmmm 🤔🤔

Just a few drawers to show.
About 90 drawers full with only paper cases.

Edited to change 30 drawers to 90!


Thanks showing, very nice drawers. Your British shotshells are marvellous.

I collect only slugs and the ones that are/were used by the argentinian police

Some slugs of my collection


Sergio, very nice collection!
Any chance you could show the Argentinian police loads and all the FIER AP types in detail???

I am mainly a shot shell collector. I wish there were more interest on this site although I have learned a few things.

The most fearsome shotgun round ever devised by man… ever!

In all seriousness though; I’m not a shotgun shell collector myself, but I have found really neat shells along the way. Its always interesting to see what someone thought of putting in a shell at some point in history… teargas, tracer pellets, bolos etc. Wild stuff.


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Would you have any Brass shells with Brass primers.
Am trying to study these. Little info on Brass Shotshells


Brass shells with Brass primers ?

Must be a whole great bunch of those.

Berdan most likely but no rule there

Cajun Dragon’s Breath??

Kurovec, I don’t collect shotshells outright, but like a few others who posted, I fell into certain ones that I just “liked”

I hope they don’t catch on with collectors as there are still some very nice shells available on auctions at reasonable prices!!

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All-paper shells? What would the extractor grab?

The paper rim!!

To clarify: How would only paper be sufficiently strong to allow an extractor to grip it without tearing, when extracting an unfired shotgun shell?

Who is to say there is an extractor? ;)

Please remember that in those days the extractors did. It work with strong ejecting springs. But only extracted the case enough to manually pull the case out of the barrel.

And why would a paper Hull not tear upon firing? I fired several of the old aluminium cases in the past, and they sometimes did tear into pieces.
Never had this with paper cases.

Paper hulls are very sturdy, aluminum is brittle and prone to cracking and flaking if it isn’t high quality.

I have seen quite a few Brass 12 ga shotshell hulls, but never saw a Berdan primed, all were Boxer-style, (I am unsure of the proper term for U.S. standard shotgun primer type…).
And I cannot fnd my one, unprimed, US brass 12 ga shell, and looking for it, I just discovered, (rediscovered?), that I have four loaded brass 12 ga!
From left, (sorry about the bad lighting):
Remington DU 37-87 top wad marked DU (Ducks Unlimited)
Remington No 12 Best top wad marked “3 1/4 EQUIV _ _ _ -00 BUCK”
Remington No 12 Best top wad marked “00 BUCK”
Winchester No 12 top wad marked “OO B” in a circle