Shotgun case?

This week I received a question about the top of this knife.
Unfortunately I could not answer the question.

Could it be they used an old shot case for this knife?
Any answer is appreciated.


Have you tried to look up the number as a patent number? Is the knife marked with a maker / city or country, as a place to start.

For what it’s worth It doesn’t look to be a shotgun case to me, just a brass ferrule / cap.

On a shot shell the rings, or designs around the body above the rim were to hold the paper body from being separating from the head when ejected & not leaving the paper body in the chamber to be dug-out. The rings & marking on this look to be engraved and not so much impressed.

Winchester / John Gardner had a patent in the US for this: #563,157, Jun. 30, 1896

Almost 200 clicks.

By the skill of the forum I am sure now this item has nothing to do with ammunition

Pete, thanks for your time for looking over the item.

Kind regards