Shotgun shell question

I would like to get more info on these type of shot shells. I heard at the Ohio show that early shot-shells had fingers that held the wad in. Is this that type? Would l would like to know the circa of this shells and what it is called? I am wondering if this is a fake or an attempt to show an example of these early shells . The OAL is 2.87 inches, Its weight is 421.7 grams. Thank you, in advance!


This type of arrangement was used on military and prison contract Winchester (or aka w/W.R.A.Co. HS) shells for the most part. Due to the loading & unloading after each shift it provided a lasting shell over the paper hull & the crimp was also more secure. These are probably WW II era or before. It’s not a dummy but a fired shell someone has reloaded as from the factory it had a factory topwad.(also notice the shellac or lacquer seal)
Other shells like G. Roth had three tabs built into the case that could be folded down to hold the top wad. Peters also has a shell with a method to hold the topwad but I’ve not seen an example.

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Many Many Thanks Pete,

You Knocked The Cover Off The Ball. Now To Find One Of Each That You Mentioned For Sale.

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Attached pic of the one by Peters

this add is dated 1888.



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Depending on your country of interest here is another type to look out for.



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Two variation of the ‘fingers’ plus a sectioned example & a coiled blued-steel case with a raised " G 16 Bte" Gevard (patent) headstamp.
Standard%20championmat%20var%20small G%2016%20Bte%20coiled%20steel%20case%20hs


Hi Pete,
Are you sure it is a Gevelot case?
My first thought is Gavard.

I have a similar case with a smooth edge, andit was identified as gavard.

Maybe someone else can help us.

Regards rené

Your 100% correct Rene it is Gavard. I’ll edit my post to correct it & thank you very much.

I’ve heard of these without the crenellated mouth crimp, but can’t remember seeing one.

I must correct myself also.
I have a 16 ga pinfire, when you search for gavard you will find it.

Regards rené

In fact, Gavard cartridges were manufactured by the Fabrique Gévelot , but the design was Gavard’s
H A.N.D.