hello !
I have documents where all these shotguns manufacturers are, with EXACTLY the names I give.

Knowing when some of these ones started or stopped to manufacture shotsguns, or changed btheir name,could you please give me the exact date of this document.

I know it is after 1912 and before 1921.

Parker Bros
Hunter Arms
Winchester Rept Arms
Ithaca gun
Baker gun
Remington Arms, UMC
J.Stevens Arms
Harrington Richardson
Iver Jonson Arms
A.H. Fox gun



PS : If it can help you to be more accurate, I can tell you excatly for each manufacturer the gauges listed in this document.



I believe all of these manufacturers produced shotguns all the way THROUGH the time period you’re interested in; for example, A.H. Fox started producing shotguns in 1905, and continued making them up until 1930 (when Savage bought Fox, and continued making guns under the “Fox” name). If you have catalogs for these items, there should be a printing date somewhere on or in them, but maybe hidden.