Shotgunshell with "hole"

Can anyone explain the hole in this cartridge?
Is it for display or pressure test or…?
It is a very rare norwegian shotgunshell,more photos can be seen here:
The cartridge contain shots, (And the OSC seems to have been turned over or used before)
I would very much like to see pictures of other shells with such hole in it…

I think it is in the wrong position for pressure test. Should be near propellant bed.

probably a display dummy Some early French RF & inside primed dummies have a hole in the case and the shot sabot shows through

I show two Pinfire cases with a 3mm hole that is 9mm from the case mouth.
Why a hole in an empty case . Both have primers so not dummies?



I have seen a couple of Salesman’s sample boxes (French) that every cartridge had a hole in similar to yours and Ron’s samples. On asking the question “Why the holes?” I was told it was to (theoretically) make the cartridge unfit for normal use and also something to do with sales tax as it is (again technically) not fit for purpose and therefor unsaleable! Which seemed quite logical explanations.

It also may have helped inter country transport of said samples! Just a thought that one.

Thanks for all your help!
It should be mentioned that his cartridge has never been in Nitedals ordinary sortment.

Hi finn,

Here are some pictures of a big board with similar cases like yours.
This board was located in the RWS factory, and held single specimens of what they ever made.
( correct me if I am wrong, please ).
They have similar holes like yours.

IMG_20190701_214337 IMG_20190701_214351

Hope this is of any help.

Regards rené

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Ron, just because you can see the pin going into a percussion cap does not mean it is a live cap. It could possibly be one without fulminate.

Thanks Pete and Rene.
I agree but I am not removing the pins to check.
That board is interesting showing the screws and holes. Cases would move easily or fall off if moved carelessly.

I just noticed that the holes on my pinfire cases are on the wrong side of the case.
If mounted on the board you would not see the brand or case print. Interesting.

No need to remove, just strike!


What are the numbers beside the holes, can’t quite make them out from the photo? Is that your numbering or was it already on the cases when you got them?

Those pictures are frrom the book by Michael Reuter.
Nurnbergs Schrorpatronen.

Regards rené