Shotshell 16

Any info on the manufacturer ?

Headstamp was used by

39, Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt
Paris, France

Will e-mail you box picture.

thanks George
But gastinne -renette was a dealer, not a manufacturer.
IRIS was a deposit name for cork and sold by Cartoucherie Francaise.
But I have no more info on the name on a ctge.

Hi J-P
What is a “deposit” name?
happy Holidays

[quote=“Pete deCoux”]Hi J-P
What is a “deposit” name?
happy Holidays

Hi Pete !
When you invente something you patent the invention
On a similar way, you can patent a name (for marks, websites, and so on)

In fact in english it must be “patented mark” and “not deposit name” ! lol!

A funny story for example is about primers with “W” on them.
It was a patented name from Gevelot and Winchester didn’t take attention when they impressed their primers. And suddenly they discovered primers with W impressed floating around the States.
Therefore they decided to sue Gevelot ! And they lost.

I don’t know why they still were authorized to use such primers in the States (surely because SFM was not big enough on the North American market, so didn’t care), but what is sure is the fact Winchester was not allowed to use such primers on the South amercan market where SFM was more active.

All the patented marks are registred in the same Patent Houses as the patents.

happy Xmas Pete and say hello from me to Val !

Hi J-P
interesting story about the primer markings.
Here in the US we call that a “trade mark”.
Will say hi to Val when I next see him