Shotshell fired with a percussion cap

I saw a cartridge case that was made of steel, had a recess in the case head, and a percussion nipple in that recess. Does anyone know anything about this?


A number are known, in various gauges, & for various uses, some old & some new manufacture.

Sounds like you might have seen one of the cartridges for a Roper shotgun.

These were discussed on the following thread:

Design goes back to 1860s — First Used by Gatling in his First Model (58cal) Rapid fire gun.

Also adapted to Shotguns in the 1860s and 70s, as a form of “Everlasting” Shell. Since Musket caps were still available into the 1900s, it was a good reloading alternative to Paper Bodied or full brass shells.

Doc AV

Thank you all for the info. The cartridge that I saw had a rim the same as a regular shell, so I assume that it could be used in any shotgun, rather than for a specific gun. Does that sound likely?



I am not able to put pics on this site, I have sent some as attachments to your email address.
Jim Buchanan

A sort of backwards answer to your question: yes, if it properly fit the chamber, and the nipple would connect with the striker.

This has been covered before. Various ideas along the lines of “convert your shotgun to a muzzle loader” for fun. Back in the depression years it may have been a cost effective way of avoiding buying store bought cartridges to put food on the table.