Shotshell from Nobel?


I have got this shotshell “Long Brass”. I think it look like a shotshell from Nobel, but I can’t confirm it. Can anybody help?


Hi Lars,
I think Mike will chime in.
But I believe it’s a Joyce case.
I have a similar one in 16 ga.
Regards Rene


Hi Lars.

Yes, spot on Rene, It is accredited to Joyce, very nice find too, congratulations.

Unfortunately I do not have a catalogue that I can quote from but that is what it is known from (unless anybody has other knowledge?), Jim may have something on it other than what I have! but all the references I have to it (which aren’t very many) list it as Joyce.

Any chance of a better picture of the head stamp please?


Edit; Forgot to say it should have “Made In Great Britain” printed further round the case!



attached perhaps a better pic of the headstamp.
with the LONDON address it is not likely to be Nobel, it could be by Joyce, but Joyce shells usualy have the name Joyce included in the headstamp. I also attach a pic of a Joyce “Long Brass”. note headstamp and case wall print.



Thanks René, Mike and Jim. The headstamp is the same, and Mike below the text on the case is “Made in Great Britian” written.