Shotshell Headstamp Pictures Wanted for shotshell data base

Hello again I.A.A Folks
For those who collect shotshells, we know how difficult it is to ID , especially since some companies like Eley, SFM, Cheddite, RWS, Fiocchi and others provided cases for hundreds of other companies. One really needs both the headstamp and the hull and often the top wad to truly ID the shell. I am not getting that far, but on my website I have started a data base of just the headstamps of shotshells I have or with pics that have been provided to me. I would like to try and grow this to a larger data base for all to use, free of charge. If anyone can add more headstamps or different variations, I would be happy to add and cite you for photo credit. This is a work in progress and I will likely add more details later, esp to non North American ones. You can view here.

Thank You