Shotshell headstamp

Who manufactured the following shotshell.

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The shotshell I have is a 16 ga. centerfire, brown paper case with the following printing on case wall
in KOLN a./Rh.
Beste gasdichte
Vorschriftsmassig mit Pulver

Top wad is unreadable.

Bob Ruebel

The only thing I know is that Eduard Kettner is an Austrian weapon and ammunition dealer.However Colonia is in Germany not in Austria…so the name marked on the case could probably be related to another person

COLONIA headstamp

Hi Pivi,
Eduard Kettner is not Austrian.
It is German and from Koln
It has been in the business from 1884.

Thank you JP,this was a thing I didn’t know.
I wrote the post above because I have a 1998 austrian catalog “Eduard Kettner Hauptkatalog 1998/99” that was stamped in Austria.Probably the shop is in Germany but they sell in Austria too

[quote=“Bob Ruebel”]
COLONIA headstamp[/quote]
Who manufactured the Colonia ahotshell. Who does the headstamp belong to?
Bob R.