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Looking for info on Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Shotshells published

by the Shotshell Historical Collectors Society.

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That would take going through every page of the newsletters & then scanning the rquested information. There is no index & Windy put on what he had at hand for each issue.


I have Volume 1-5, how many volumes did they produce?


This is what I ran across about Winchester Shotshells. Maybe it is helpful.


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Just looked through the set of individual companies they (SHCS), did & nothing on Winchester, tones of other companies, but no Winchester. Probably never got it done as it was such a large undertaking.

The link given above by NewHunter, may be good, but I would double check because some of the references he used are known to have more than the normal / typical amount of mistakes or not fully checked statements in them.


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