Shotshell hstp (bis)

12 EK 12 *
Any idea ?

“EK” is usually a Greek headstamp for the Greek Powder and Cartridge Company. However, on Greek cartridges it is usually in stylized form. It would have been good if a photo of the headstamp had been posted.

Thanks John
I checked EK in fact but but in fact it is E Π K

I discovered the shotshells were made by SFM (order from 1965)


J-P: Are you saying that the headstamp on your shotshell is, in fact, “ENK” and not “EK” as you first reported, or that the Greek headstamp is always “ENK.” If the latter, you are not correct. While “ENK” usually in stylized form is the most common headstamp, I have, for example, several variations of 7.9 x 57 m/m cartridge where the entire headstamp is only “E K.”

That said, I really don’thave any idea what your headstamp means. Made by SFM on contract, it could be anything, including for the Greek Powder and Cartridge company. Only a box label or documentation can tell us for sure. I have neither.

Hi John,

  1. As I told you before, I mistook, it is E Π K and not EK on the shotshell

This is due to the graphism (due to the curving as you will see later).and also to the fact it is not the common hstp on the Greek shotshells I knew.

  1. You are right , you can have on 7.92 ctges either E (at 9 oc) K (at 3 oc) or E Π K (at 12oc), both being from Greek powder and Cartridges.

  2. Why do you (and IAA hstps database) call it E N K and not E Π K ??

  3. To come back to E Π K shotshells, here is an hstp example of the ones I knew

  1. Here is the one I discovered, made by SFM for E Π K (order in 1965)

As you can see the graphism is giving confusion (easy to delete the PI) because of the curve.
But it is the good one for E Π K as you can see


J-P - I call it E.N.K. only because I cannot duplicate the correct Greek letter as you have. Actually, I forgot each time to release the capital key and mean’t to type a small, lower case “n” as E.n.K. I am trying to do too many things in too short a time, I guess. My email vlume has been huge the last two months, and I am on the computer with emails, making scans, doing the forum for six to none hours a day. It is catching up with me I suppose, as to my attention to details. I am not proof reading anything.