Shotshell identification GRD

Who made this cartridge ? When ?

Thanks for your help.


I can’t answer your question but I can add, I have a shotshell with the exact same symbol on with the headstamp of “Garantie” and then that symbol. The person who gave it to me (though no proof) stated it was French made for Germany. Not a big help but knowing the symbol is the same and on another cartridge may assist in your search.


I cannot give you any details on this headstamp, sorry.
I can only say that I have the same headstamp on a 12 Ga pinfire shell.
When you want I can place a picture of it.

regards rené

For Cartridgecorner

Could you put please put a picture of your headstamp (and mark on the tube if there is one)

For You

GARANTIE%20cros%2028%2028a garantie%20cross%2028%2028 garantie%20yellow

edited…One more with logo on.