Shotshell identification

Who made these shotshells?


Is it just me, or does that pinfire 16 gauge look like it was almost fired in a centerfire gun? Certainly the pin would have prevented it from loading properly, no?

The these top three look reversed.

The P.Orr from Rangoon looks Remington. Remington also made shells for Manton of Calcutta. GREAT SHELL !!!

the 20 JOB with the raised G is French, at least the primer is. The British sometimes have cases with an impresses “JOB” in them on the case wall & it is thought it is a 2nd or rejected quality case. So no definitive answer on that one.

20 JOB : Gevelot (before 1884)
16 “bird” Lerche Bischweiller
Harpax 410 Fiocchi
CLP 12 : Chauvot-Lepine and Piot-Lepage (Paris)
12 12 Speed swiss (but i have no confirmation)

TOP MG is from Romania.
regards rené

The Roumanian shotshell identified by René was made by Metaloglobus in Bucarest.

Rene and Fede, is there any more info on Metaloglobus?
The web is not very informative about the factory.