Shotshell info needed

Has this shotshell any interest to a collector of is it a common one?
Have no information about the headstamp.


I have the same cartridge.According to me it is not a very common item.
Tre anelli means “three rings”
"brevetti russi " means “Russi patents” (Russi is a name,no relationship with Russia or Russian).
The headstamp should be 12 martignoni 12 genova.


Thanks for the information.
The headstamp is what you mention in your replay I saw the heasdstamp but couldn’t remember.

I already repplied about this ctge in another topic.
Russi patent is because the guy, DE KRokenveko, was of russian origin and came to settle down to Nice, on the French Riviera.
He put a patent on these rounds.

You can find french hstps and also Martignoni ones because the city (Genova) is very close from Nice.

are you sure about the relationship with Russia?
I have read a lot of articles on italain magazines saying that this was a name

Sure that de Krockenveko (the name of the guy who took the patent for this loading) was russian.