Shotshell information needed

Does anyone know some more information about this shotshell?
Is it a common one?


It is a tracer shot load from Bombrini Parodi Delfino, Roma, Italy.
It is from after WWII
It is existing only in 12 and 16 gauges.
The powder inside is with ballistite-type powder


Thanks JP,

Could it be possible that these are from 1943 because the box has an stamp on it date 1943.


I have the same round,but in 16 gauge.I have never known where the tracer compuond is inside the case and how it works

I may be wrong but I think there are 2 versions of this the red topwad and a white topwad with the red bring a “chilled” or hardened shot. The white being a normal lead shot.
(not at home so can’t check the collection)

My 16 gauge has a green card…

I’ll check when I get home next year. Don’t remember which GA I have the pair in but I think 12.