Shotshell manufacturer confirmation


These two shells (one 12 gauge and one 16 gauge) look exactly like Winchester paper shotshells :
Red paper tube, many horizontal grooves on the base to hold the paper tube.
The hstps are :


Hi JP,

I just saw your question on the IAA Forum.

The NORMAL NIMROD are almost certainly made by Winchester. They used standard Winchester Repeater brass heads with three cannulures. They are very rare in the USA. I think they were made for sale in England. Normal is an early smokeless powder. Nimrod is the name of a biblical character that was know as a hunter. Years ago, Ken Rutterfield sent me some Normal Nimrod brass heads that had been found by using a metal detector by a pond.
See you in St. Louis. Bob

Thank you Bob.
I wanted to have confirmation because I always double check, even if it is coming from a sure source.
I have the SFM drawing of this round. It is dated from September 1900.
The drawing has been made from samples sent by Christania (in Danmark I think) to SFM.
The shells are 63.35 mm long and indeed there are 3 grooves on the case heads.
If you want the drawing I can send it to you.
Thanks again