Shotshell usage in a movie "The Grey"

In this airplane-crash-volves-eat-survivors movie Liam Neeson, an experienced sniper-wolf-exterminator, tells the rest of bloodied starving ex-passangers to sharpen a stick and to tie a shotgun shell to it so the tip touches the primer. He tell them to harden the tip over the fire so it can hit the primer more robustly. Then they use these improvized anti-wolfing devices. Rambo may be proud of him but is any of this real? By the way, never stare at the eyes of a wolf in the wild, in the canine kingdom staring means challenge (i.e.I am ready to fight)

I didn’t see that movie, but I doubt that without something more than a sharp stick as a firing pin, a primer could not be detonated. Unless there was some confinement such as a barrel, even if a shell did go off, the results wouldn’t do much more than scare a wolf. I have read stories about shotshells firing by being dropped into a pocket (never saw that happen, however), with no damage resulting.

I’m no wolf expert but I have understood that wolf attacks on humans are extremely rare and virtually unknown occurrences.

I when I was young and foolish would tape 22rimfire to the end of my BB gun and they would fire mostly straight

This is just speculation, mostly because my body parts are to valuable for me at this stage in my life to risk them foolishly.

  1. I doubt a hardened stick, of any common wood, would be hard enough to crush a standard shotshell primer. It takes quite a blow and I’ve had some gun/shell combinations that had numerous misfires from light blows to the primer.
  2. Without something to hold the case intact, I suspect it would split somewhere before the crimp opened and since you have no idea where or how it might split, it would even make a poor bomb-on-a-stick.

It sounds to me like true Hollywood!

I was watching an old movie recently, John Wayne I think, and they were passing around some extra ammo… in green/yellow Remington boxes, 50 count.

I saw the movie and am glad they died before they could pass their genes to a new generation. Those were some dumb people. They left a perfectly good shelter with protection from the cold and wild beast, with plenty of food and warmth, to wander aimlessly though Alaska in the winter going ??? How often do you, while riding in an aircraft, actually know where you are and in what direction is the next town? When rescue does arrive I think I would like to be with the wreckage, not wallowing in a snowdrift. Lastly the bang sticks they designed wont work without a chamber. He had a rifle, though the stock was broke, it would still shoot. Most rifle can be fired within a foot diameter at 30 yards without sights. Wolves cant eat through alluminum, so stay in the remainder of the plane.