Shotshells from SB Schönebeck under Ownership of STEYR

Sorry, I made an entry under 7,92x57 Schönebeck, as this Trademark was mentioned there. But it maybe better to have an own entry, as it belongs to shotshells only. Here the entry:

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I still cannot find any entry at Schönebeck Museum, nor at Rheinmetall history, that they bought the Patronenfabrik (SB Schönebeck)…Maybe they bought the Sprengstoffwerk; which was only a few 100 Meters away??, and of more interest for RH…but even that, is not mentioned in the Rheinmetall own published history,

My information on the ownership of the S&B Schönebeck factory from WW1-WW2 is collated from a number of sources and is s bit more detailed:

*During WW1 in 1916, shares in this company were taken over by Steyr-Werke AG, Wien. After WW1, S&B never regained control of the Schönebeck factory and S&B sold the factory (buildings and remaining shares) completely in 1921. In 1922 it became a branch office of the Oesterreichische Waffenfabriks-Gesellschaft (Austrian Waffenfabrik AG). *

*In 1926 it was briefly owned by HIRTENBERGER PATRONEN before it became a branch office of the STEYR-WERKE AG in Vienna and was known as “Zündhütchen- u. Patronenfabrik vorm. Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck a. Elbe, Inhalber Steyr Werke AG i. Wien” *

By 1929 it produced a range of ammunition, detonators and electrical igniters. It appears to have generally used an “SB” hs but a "STEYR * 8,2 x 56 * " (A48) hs may well have been produced during that period.

*The ownership changed again in 1930, as the shares and the factory were taken over again by the Hirtenberger Patronen-Zündhütchen + Metallwarenfabrik. *

In 1933 all shares were back in the hands of 2 German firms again: The Dynamit AG (vormals Alfred Nobel & Co, Troisdorf) and the Rheinmetall-Borsig AG Duesseldorf+Berlin. The name “Patronen, Zündhütchen- und Metallwarenfabrik A.-G., vormals Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck” is known from a price list dated 1936. So, the “Metallwarenfabrik” did not become part of the name until after 1931 and before 1936.

In 2001 I was in Düsseldorf and the relevant Information can be found in folders B328 Nr. 13 and Nr. 11 of the Rheinmetall archives. In a letter dated 9th October 1933 to the chief of the Heereswaffenamt, Mr. Wessig of Rheinmetall wrote that on 7th October 1933 the purchase of the Schönebeck had been completed.
Actually, Dynamit AG owned 60% of the shares and Rheinmetall 40%. Maybe, that is how the name IG Farben as owner cropped up. But it is clear from the files that Dynamit AG remained only a sleeping shareholder. Both new owners had agreed that Schönebeck should act under its own name and no connection to either Rheinmetall or Dynamit AG should be obvious to any outsider.

An interesting figure for 1932 about sales of civilian ammunition: Schönebeck 893 346 Marks,
Dynamit AG 8 770 457 Marks,

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Funny, that in the official published History of RH (in Internet), and in the Chronik of SB Schönebeck, this Facts are not mentioned.

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May you knew, from what timeframe the STEYR markings where used by S&BSCHÖNEBECK ?
you mentioned a 1939 pricesheet…
Anybode knews, from when they started to use this markings on shothells?? And how long it was used…??


I bought this 3 boxes just recently, as I havent had any of this…

Peter, I have the Steyr logo listed as from 1926.

Hi Peter,

My earliest references for S&B Schönebeck using the Steyr logo are ads from 1934 and my latest are a pricelist and ads from 1939.

According to a trademark filled by Steyr-Daimler-Puch-AG in 1939, this Steyr logo was used for firearms since February 13, 1919 (OWG era).

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