Shotshells hstps

Ave you ever seen shotshells with one of the following hstp ?
If yes any information is welcome (mark on the tube, customer and so on)

alali is Swiss.
alali%20red%20hs%20alali ALALI%20reddeerhead%20red%20black%201 ALALI%20reddeerhead%20red%20black
alali-alali%2012 alali%20alali%2012%2012 alali%20alali%2016 Alali%20stars%2016 alali%20stars%2012

thank you,
It was an order from 1935.

But who is the customer ???

I have many atlas shells from Cyprus. But they have diff headstamp.Some just Atlas and others say Atlas on top and MLP on bottom. Not sure if the same or not. ATLAS%20MLP%2012%2012 .
I have a similar headstamp for Africa but it has CS also on it as made by Cartoucherie Stephanoise…attached here so you can compare…cs%20(cartoucherie%20stephanoise)%20africa%2016%2016 .
No headstampos but I have casings for ecalir by Cartoucherie Nationale:
Cartoucherie%20Nationale%20eclair%20grn eclair%2010%20white eclair%2010%20blue%20red%2024 eclair%2010%20green%2012 Cartoucherie%20Nationale%20eclair%20org%20blk%2016g Cartoucherie%20Nationale%20eclair%20red%20blk%2012g Cartoucherie%20Nationale%20eclair%20blue%20sil Cartoucherie%20Nationale%20eclair%20pink%20gold

I am not 100% sure…here are 2 more boxes of theirs froma swiss site:
alali%20red alali%20red%20shell

The orange one has a Cartoucherie Nationale hstp or a Douillerie Francaise hstp ?

Cartoucherie Nationale CARTOUCHERIE%20NATIONALE%2012%2012

and is it paper or plastque tube ?

The orange one is paper.

Hope this helps my friend.


thank you for your help

If you find a shotshell with the same mark on the tube as the orange one it could be :

  • Douillerie Francaise if made before WWII
  • Cartoucherie nationale if made after WWII
    Indeed Cartoucherie Nationale started only after WWII.


here is the eclair with douillerie I have

hello Chris
people very often mixed up Cartoucherie Nationale and Douillerie Francaise ctges.

  1. CN before WWII was a French Government factory making military ammunition. No shotshells.
    It was located in Normandy.

  2. Douillerie Francaise started in 1920. it was created by Mr Bouffil and one of his friends to manufacture shotshells.
    They were not making cases but only loading them.
    They were located in Toulouse, south west of France.

  3. After wwii Cartoucherie Nationale was sold to a man (Mr Domme) who asked to Mr Bouffil (from Douillerie Francaise) to set up the plant to manufacture shotshells.

One of the biggest customer was Douillerie Francaise.

Another name of Cartoucherie Francaise was CARNAT.
It closed around 1960.

  1. Douillerie Francaise after the war carried on to load shotshells;
    And bought a lot of shells from Cartoucherie Nationale.

When this last one closed (in 1960) they started to buy shells fom Fiocchi and Martignoni.
and so on.

The society was sold to a British company in 1977 and closed in 1981.

Douillerie Francaise was also selling guns and hunting accessories