Shotshells ID?


I would welcome any information about these 3 shotshells.

No. 1 is it German or British ( or perhaps something else?):

No. 2:

No. 3:


HI Lars,

Nice ones.
I have the Löwe/Lion listed is German but cannot show any proof!
The others I have never seen before, but that Bugle Brand is a real beauty!!

regards rené


Lars, no. 1 was made for Wolff & Co. in Walsrode, Germany. This trademark was filled in 1931 and granted in 1932. Regards, Fede.


The # 2 looks British, but with a case made in either Germany or France. I have some similar in other colored hulls & with case print, but have not been able to pin the maker down.


For #1, I have another one that has Marke Lowe and a lion picture on the headstamp. Same case, but different headstamp.


Great, thank you for your help


I also have the Lowe (Lion) marked as German but Fede has clarified that to be correct.
And No 2 I have a note as Imported by Mullerite Cartridge Works Birmingham and a big “?” question mark afterwards.
I have a couple of different ones, all have Mullerite Over Shot Cards.
The Bugle is a really nice case and I have not seen it before.

Pics of No 2.

Top wads - little summary from IAA forum

Thanks Mike - I save it under Mullerite.


HI everybody,
I have a possible ID of the Bugle Brand shells.
A very friendly collector gave me this picture.
The shells are inside this box.
I know it is not 100% ID but anyway.

Regards rené


Hi René

Great info - it makes sense. The logo looks like a Waldhorn = Bugle, and there is a German cartridges named Waldhorn. The cartridge (Bugle) could be an export cartridges from Gecado ( Selve-K-D).


Hi Lars, here is a scan of “The Bugle Brand” shotshell from the Gecado price list No. 2. Regards, Fede.


Thanks Fede

Great picture never seen the cartridge, but now it is on my wanted list.