Shotshells with Polish mark and SFM factory in Poland


Have you seen a shotshell with this mark on the tube ?
If yes what is the hstp ?





Thank you.
have you pictures of the tube ?
And do you know the date of manufacturing ?


Date manufacturing is circa second half 30’s to 1939


in fast I have this from old page MTWwP



Thank you.

have you a better view of the bottom page because I would like to understand what it is written.


Sorry but not. On the new page no this information.
But try contact with: Muzeum Przemysłu Wojennego w Pogórzu


From your specimen can you writte (and translate) what is here ?



Hi, its only a short description:
paper tube + brass bottom cap with a Gevelot primer.



In fact this ctge was not manufactured by Pocisk (only loaded I think) but by SFM.
The first order SFM received from Pocisk was in April 1936



Nice document!
I dont have in this time info about production this type of ammo in Pocisk. I mainly deal with military ammunition.

Papers from “balance Pocisk S.A.” quantity/value, 31.12.1936:


thank you;
Do you know the history of Pocisk ?
Are you sure it is not the SFM factory which was in Poland ??


Sorry, I do not understand, you think about: the “SFM” built a factory factory in Poland and was called a “Pocisk S.A.”?
No :)


I explain:

  1. Do you know the story of Pocisk manufacture (when it was created and so on)

If yes can you give me details : year of beginning, city (before WWII if the address changed), who did create it and so on.

  1. Do you know a SFM manufacture in Poland ?



Is not SFM, sorry ;)

Brand “GRYF” is from c. 1935. The name was created as a result of the 10th anniversary of the company’s contest for a new name of ammunition. In addition, the DARZBÓR brand was established earlier one year.

Why SFM drawing this picture? I do not know.
But they certainly did not make case for Z.A.“Pocisk”. It was important in the context of this to produce ammunition exclusively from domestic components. It was a race between Z.A.“Pocisk” and Warszawska Spółka Myśliwska from the beginning of the production of hunting ammunition in Poland before 1939.



  1. I don’t tell you it is sfm.

I just ask you the date of creation of Pocisk company
And if I understand well Pocisk was created about 1925. Yes/No ?

  1. In which town was it located ? Warsovia ?

  2. Another question : Do you know a SFM manufacture in Poland ? Yes/No ?

After we can try to understand why SFM made this case.



  1. Founded - 1919

  2. Located: Warszawa and Rembertów.

  3. NO . No was any SFM factory in Poland.


Production shotshells ammo was begining in c. 1923/24
My old article from “Strzał” 2008/2


Thank you very much.
You gave me the info I needed.

I am sorting my documentation and I will come back to you soon.


There is no full monograph available about history Z.A.“Pocisk”. That’s why have to look for different sources to write about it.