Should I sell it or shoot it?


Hello, all,

First, as a bit of introduction, I have collected cartridges since I was a kid. Mostly they were things I found at gun shows, so nothing too exotic, but it was a fun hobby. I still have the collection stored at my parents’ place, but I haven’t done anything with it for about 25 years. One of these days, I hope to retrieve it and get back into collecting!

Now on to my question: quite a while ago, I was given several boxes of Sears .22LR ammo and Western Super-X .22LR. (See photos below). Are they worth anything, or should I just go ahead and use them for plinking?

Also, I ran across a 1942 copy of “Modern Shell Production” at work that I no longer need. Any idea what it is worth and how I should go about selling it? Thanks!

Ron Durling


Heck, I’d be interested in your SEARS related .22 boxes.


Wow, that was quick! I’m glad I found someone who may be able to add them to a collection! So how many do you want? I have 3 full boxes, one of which was pictured. The other two are worn on one side, but otherwise are in pretty good condition.

I also have two more boxes that were taped shut - one is still full, and the other is about half full. Both of those are much more worn than the full boxes.

I have no idea how much they are worth, so make an offer (plus actual shipping costs) if you are still interested. I can send pics of all the boxes before you buy, too.



I’ll buy some, especially of the Super X, as I grew up with those and never thought they would go away.


PM sent, Bob.