Should I shoot this or is it collectable


I am not a cartridge collector, but a shooter and gun collector. I recently picked up a mixed lot of ammunition at a firearms auction. Included in the auction was an old Remington Kleanbore box of 38 Super ammunition. Before I shoot this, I thought I would check to make sure that this was not collectible. I imagine that cartridge collectors look upon people who shoot collectible ammo that way I look upon people who “sportsterize” fine old military rifles.

Thank you.


Shoot it. If you don’t collect this ammunition, or even save a box to go with a .38 Super in your collection, then it is only ammunition. The box is not, in the scope of ammunition, very old, perhaps from ten to twenty years. It was the box style for Remington for years and years, so I can’t pin it down to a year for you, but I collect auto pistol boxes and ammuniton, and I would not consider this “collectable” in the sense you are probably thinking. In truth, a box made yesterday in a quantity of a million is collectible if it is in the field you collect and you don’t have it. The same would be said for the cartridge it contains. I have this box in my own collection, and I have boxes for ammo I just purchased in the last two weeks, in my collection, that were bought primarily to get the box itself and a couple of specimens. To summarize, it is collectible if you find a collector that wants it. As far as destroying a “collectable,” if you need the ammo for your gun, shoot it.