Siamese 8mm ammunition

It’s on my wish list but, no, I don’t have one!
Conjays list a Kynoch AP (K68 8MMS) with a dark green tip and a Kynoch API (K57 8MMS) with a dark grey tip.

When Kynoch closed down Military Export production in the early 1970s, they sold of to the Trade a large quantity of Empty, Unprimed 8x52R Siamese cases; they were quite common at the time at retail,in Britain but as there were yet no Siamese Mausers in any great quantities, these cases went begging…Mostly snapped up by collectors.

Thanks for the Kynock case and projectile drawings…essential for my Case making business.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

Well, many, many years ago (i’m so old) I was sold a batch of cases, new, unprimed, as being Siamese cases. They are stamped 45-70 with the mark of a corean producer. When looking

Srry, bad typing. Well, looking at dimensions tables, those cases seem in between the two siamese 8 mm variants