SIAMESE T45 Charger clips...designs required

Just lately on Gunboards several collectors posted a series of photos of “Clipped” ammo of the Mannlicher
Designs as well as others of particular interest, such as the T45/ T66 Clip for the Siamese Mauser Rifles.

The brass clips are made to the Japanese Arisaka pattern, but wider and longer to accommodate the .565" Rim and increased diameter of the cases…resulting in a longer clip to accommodate 5 rounds.

Does anyone have the designs of the clips ( Kynoch also made the ammo in the 1930s and 50s) or a good condition spare clip for " reverse engineering"…
Down under.

DocAV, I have two original stripper clips in my collection. Believe it or not, I got both on ebay.

Do you need exact dimensions of the brass extrusion and the spring separate with detailed photos?

Let me know what your needs are. I’m more than glad to help as you have been a golden resource of info over the years :)


Drawing and pictures here;


Thanks for the offer; I have already an originalclipon the way, but extra measurements etc ste always helpful.

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Doc AV

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