Sig - 26.5 - čv 1 flare

Hello, does anybody know who produced this 26.5mm flare? I got it from friend of mine to de-mil as misfire but found interesting that the body of the case is from really soft material that you can dig it by nail only…steel head, no H/S can be seen, shotgun primer. I shot thousands of these flares, mainly CZ made (irv) but never met this “soft shell one”. Thank you




Tomas, as per Horst Thielbörger (the leading expert in flare gun cartridges) this is a late German WW2 case. It has a cardboard case with steel head and a very thin aluminum foil jacket.
Remaining German stocks of empty cases (including steel cases) were used up in Czechoslovakia after WW2.

How long is this cartridge?

This cartridge is 83mm long

Thank you Alex! Really? It’s so old? …I thought it’s something “recent” It is the misfire from the shooting range - means the rest was fired…don’t know how successfully? Will ask them.

This is sad! These are old on one hand and scarce on the other…