SIG Multi-piece Cartridge Case Patent Application Includes Cartridge Cases For Both Rifle & PISTOL

SIG patent application PDF originally posted here:

I wonder if Shell Shock Technologies is involved with this or is SIG competing with Shell Shock for cartridges with a multi-piece case ???


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Brian - don’t know if it just my computer, but the patent (only looked at page one) is pretty much illegible, as to the written portion. Just thought I would let you know, as most of your attachments are pretty close to perfect. Maybe there is nothing that can be done about this one.

John M.


Here is a direct link to the PDF with all the drawings, hopefully it will open correctly for you:

SIG Cartridge Case Patent Application 2019, US20190226817A1.pdf (314.3 KB)

If it does not work let me know.



Thank you, but it comes out the same. For me, the letters in the words seem fractured enough that it is difficult to read the words.

Don’t be concerned about it if it is not that way for others. It is not an important document for me. I don’t know why, at my age and my filing backlog, that I keep printing out this stuff. I should stick to only documentation regarding auto pistol cartridges.

John M.