Sig Sauer 6.8mm Next Generation Squad Weapon cartridge

Sig Sauer exhibits there entry for the NGSW MG and 6.8 x 51mm cartridge:

The cartridge case is a three piece construction hybrid case, a brass case, steel base and an internal clip to connect the two together.



Thank you for sharing.

Interesting. A few thoughts:

The SIG 6.8 x 51 round is intended for use “with existing weapon systems” (presumably with just a barrel change) so is presumably a necked-down 7.62 x 51 (in shape if not construction). However, the ballistic performance claimed for the SIG 6.8 x 51 round adds up to around 3,400 J ME from a 16 inch barrel, about the same as the 7.62 x 51 achieves from a 22 inch barrel. The chamber pressure must therefore be considerably greater.

While the recoil mitigation measures in the belt-fed LMG mechanism are impressive, nothing is said about such measures in the proposed carbine, even though this is expected to replace the 5.56 mm M4A1, so that is likely to be quite a handful.

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I understand that this round is now to be marketed to civilian customers as the “277 Fury”.

It stands a much better chance of commercial success than its military rivals, which are both substantially or entirely of polymer - not too good for reloading!