Sig-Sauer's new SIG V-Crown pistol rounds

New for 2014 is SIG-Sauer’s own brand of self-defense jacketed hollow point pistol loads in 9x19mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. They have named it: SIG V-Crown.

Headstamp shows “SIG” at 12 o’clock and the caliber at 6 o’clock. … mpressions

Seems pretty bold on their part. The expanded bullet in the link photo looks much like a Federal HST, Speer Gold Dot, or Winchester PDX-1, and with as well established and well-tested as those are, I’m not sure they will be able to get a foot hold outside of a certain percentage of Sig die-hards. Law Enforcement contracts come to mind as a target, but these are almost entirely within the purview of Federal & Winchester these days. The suggestion that they were having it done private-label by another manufacturer in Kentucky wont help their case either as all of the competition is direct from manufacturer.

I searched everywhere for lists of FFL-06 manufacturers in Kentucky which might fit the bill, but nothing much turned up. When the boxes come available the mystery will end though since the manufacturer is always listed on the box in fine print somewhere.

The bullet type isn’t anything novel either which might grab hold of people’s attention like a Hornady Critical Duty, Liberty Halo Point, Federal Guard Dog or better; the “R.I.P 9mm”. Heck, if Sig had lowered themselves and done some sort of gimmick like anodizing the case purple for no reason, or having some random element in the metallurgy like Indium, then they would move some product.

Sig is now saying they are making this ammo themselves see story here [color=#0000FF][/color]

It sounded like sort of an evasive answer when he says only that “It is our operation”, and not simply saying, “yes we are manufacturing it”. It’s no big deal, but it would be hard to believe that Sig would invest in an ammo manufacturing plant just to produce one line of defensive pistol ammo. It would be far less expensive to have another outfit load the ammo and take on the responsibility of labor cost, utility cost, insurance, licensing, etc… Perhaps Sig purchased partial ownership in an existing ammo manufacturer to be able to imply ownership of the project, or perhaps they are designing everything and having it made to order. After all, Apple Computer doesn’t make any products, they just contract with a Chinese manufacturer of some sort to make them with the Apple name on it.

Here are some good photos which come from the listings at




I’m not sure if this means anything but the barcode found on these boxes indicates that these are not assigned to the US headquarters of SIG Sauer, Inc. at 72 Pease Boulevard, Newington, NH 03801 nor the SIG Sauer Academy at 233 Exeter Road Epping, NH 03042. The company and address for this barcode is SIG Sauer, Inc., 18 Industrial Dr, Exeter, NH 03833. … 72d763d693

Edit: I just noticed that this is their Customer Service Dept.

I received boxes of the V-Crown ammo today. I pulled a bullet from each caliber, and also took a photo of the lot number as it appears on the 9mm box end-flap. The other boxes have the same LT1B as the first part of the lot number, but different ending characters, being something like 20, 22 or 23, with sometimes an extra “A” or “B” thrown in:

The 125gr 9x19 bullet is actually a tiny bit longer than the 124gr .357sig bullet, and you can also see the faint crimp on the 357sig bullet where the bottle necked case holds it. The base of the bullets had nothing of note, just flat fully jacketed.
L to R: .45acp, .40S&W, 9x19, .357sig, .380acp

Matt - for some reason, I have never pulled a bullet on a .357 SIG-caliber cartridge of any make. Are they really a true .357 (meaning, probably, a .358 bullet), or are they actually a 9 mm (.355-.356)? It amazes even me that I need to ask a question like that! I guess it was the mention of the two SIG bullets being slightly different length that brought the question to my mind for the first time. I have undoubtedly read the bullet diameter of the .357 SIG cartridge before, but it never found a spot in my memory. Of course, that “spot” is getting smaller and smaller as I get older and older.

The .357 SIG uses .355 bullets. I seem to remember that the earliest iteration had a .357 bullet, but I don’t think it ever made it into production.

It’s the same bullet as a 9x19, and some .357sig loads will use the exact same bullet that might also be loaded into 9x19, but I have heard that the quality loads in .357sig use a .355 bullet that has a slightly different ogive which is more ideally suited to guns of that caliber. This, when combined with the high crimp can go towards explaining the tiny difference in length that occurs when you place them side by side. My photo isn’t from exactly 90 degrees and doesn’t illustrate the difference very well though.

I just picked up a box of 115gr 9mm V-Crown, which is a new grain weight that’s come out since the original 124gr only last year in that caliber. Sig also has some FMJ ammo now seen in yellow boxes, meant as training companions to these V-Crown loads. The headstamp on the new 115gr V-Crown is different than the 124gr load, and a match for the brass-cased FMJ training version. 10mm auto will supposedly be coming out soon in V-Crown as well.

Very nice Matt. Thanks for the update!

Found this quote under an ammo review at this page below: "The ammo is loaded in a Sig-owned facility in Eubank, Kentucky." … mo-review/

Interesting. Searching more about Eubank, I find that L-Tech Enterprises is the loader, which Sig has either partnered with or purchased (it’s not clear). Ed Sanow mentions L-Tech as the Sig ammo manufacturer in this Jan, 2015 Law & Order article:

Here are a few more headstamps from the Sig Elite Performance FMJ cases:



10mm? I’ll start digging; be great if they had a separate projo from the .40SW and loaded it warm/hot/original.

Hornady let me down with their neutered Critical Duty, but Federal warmed my heart with their 10mm 180gr Bonded JSP.

Re: V-Crown, the pill looks similar to some ‘funnel point’ JHPs that were used by Triton, I think Sierra manufactured them. Did I miss it or was there info on who made the projos for SIG?

I haven’t heard anything on who exactly manufactures the projectiles, but L-Tech seems to be the cartridge manufacturer as far as loading & packaging.

I just received some of the newer .45acp 230gr V-Crown, and it has the same new style headstamp that their brass cased fmj ammo has:


Re: V-Crown, the pill looks similar to some ‘funnel point’ JHPs that were used by Triton, I think Sierra manufactured them. Did I miss it or was there info on who made the projos for SIG?[/quote]

I recently purchased some .355 124gr JHP’s for pretty cheap from Midway USA. They were generic boxed and simply referred to on the website as “Sierra Custom”. Those bullets look identical to the pulled 9mm bullet in the photos here, …right down to the shallow cannelure. It would be great to see some kind of official confirmation, but my overwhelming suspicion is that they are one in the same. … llow-point

DK, Your latest 45ACP hst looks to me as if it was made by RWS. In fact the Colt Defenders also look like they have RWS headstamped cases.