Sig-Sauer's new SIG V-Crown pistol rounds

Those look to be identical, and they are not listed on the Sierra website. Since these have been available for 18 months now, it would seem that Sierra is keeping them as a single-buyer custom run for the most part. Good catch!

I recently purchased some .355 124gr JHP’s for pretty cheap from Midway USA. They were generic boxed and simply referred to on the website as “Sierra Custom”. Those bullets look identical to the pulled 9mm bullet in the photos here, …right down to the shallow cannelure. It would be great to see some kind of official confirmation, but my overwhelming suspicion is that they are one in the same.
Those look to be identical, and they are not listed on the Sierra website. Since these have been available for 18 months now, it would seem that Sierra is keeping them as a single-buyer custom run for the most part. Good catch![/quote]

You can’t see it in the picture on the website, but the hollow point has the exact same funnel-like configuration as well.
When I bought some of these a couple of weeks ago, the price was down near cast bullet levels. They seem to have raised it again.

It looks like all within the space of 12 hours yesterday, Midway lowered the price from $22 to $15, and then discontinued them and they are listed as “unavailable - one-time run”.

How strange.
When I ordered them, Midway had discounted them down to around $9/100. I guess I should’ve gotten more.

SIG has now just added the 38 Super+P to their line. (Sorry Matt, there’s one more box of Sig ammo for you to buy). … 8-super-p/

Yeah, I have been watching Cabela’s listing for V-Crown since they show what looks like the upcoming releases that will feature at SHOT show 2016, being the .44spl, .44mag, .38spl, .357mag, .45 Colt (all not in stock), and the .38 Super you mention (very recently in-stock). I’m surprised they are bothering with .38 Super. I would argue that there are potentially more .45 GAP customers despite that calibers fading popularity, and certainly more .32acp customers. Heck, there are probably more 9x18 Makarov potential customers than .38 Super.

From Cabelas yesterday, I picked up 4 of the new calibers for the Sig V-Crown in 2016: .45 Colt, .44mag, .38spl +P, and .38 Super +P. There is also .44spl and .357mag coming out which they did not have yet.

The projectiles appear to be the same Sierra Custom expanding lead-core hollow point discussed earlier in this thread, although the .44mag and .38spl are a slight departure from the smooth curved hollow cavity of the other loads so far:


Here are the two newest entrants into the Sig V-Crown line, the .357mag and the .44spl. The .357mag has been available for 2 or 3 months now, but the .44spl just came available recently:

I noticed a new packaging style / branding from Sig yesterday. The “365” line of V-crown loads. As far as I can tell, it is the same thing as the V-Crown premium hollow point, but the 365 line is optimized for short-barrel pistols. So, same idea as the HST Micro line, or the Gold Dot SB line.


In my testing of various premium jacketed hollow points, I was relatively underwhelmed with the consistency of expansion, size of expansion, and cohesion of the jacket to core in V-Crown (Sierra premium JHP) projectiles recovered from ballistics gel. Below you can see some .45acp in HST, Gold Dot, Magtech Bonded, Federal Guard Dog, Winchester T-Series, Magtech SCHP, Colt SCHP, and finally the V-Crown. The V-Crown suffered more jacket petal separation than all of the others, (which suffered none), and had the least consistency of expansion among the group, but they still performed reasonably effective. The same degree of inconsistency and jacket separation occurred with the .44mag and .357mag V-Crown that I tested, but the 9mm V-Crown turned out much better, and looked closer to HST results.

Here are a couple newer 9mm headstamps from Sig. The +P one comes from their new 365 line, and the other one is the latest version on their V-Crown line as far as I know. These both have open-9 font, unlike other earlier versions.


Here is a new Sig 10mm headstamp style I found in a box today. The 50rd Sig Elite box is the same yellow one as before, with same labels, but different headstamp version now

sig10 new hs

Here is a look at Sig’s recent 90gr frangible load in 9mm. The projectile is ferrous, and takes to a magnet, could be an Ervin brand frangible bullet. I think this headstamp is the same as the type seen on the 365 series ammo which has been out for a year now. The headstamps in my box of 50 had a common error appearing on the “P” with a broken upper curve most of the time.

sig 9mm fran

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