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If I remember correctly, there was a special meaning/code to all these “stars” so a plane could communicate an event to an airfield before landing. What did double green star mean?


Hi Vlad,

There is no answer for this, since the meaning of each color combination was codified and changed at least twice a month, and sometimes much more often. Also, unique codes were prepared for an operational plan in particular.




Vlad, maybe this will help (WW II B-17 bombing operations):

The following three quotes about flares were excerpted from Thirty Four to Go by Ernest H. Walthall, First Officer.

“All signals to start engines, taxi and takeoff were with lights and flares from the control tower. Radio silence as much as possible during the entire mission.” … “Ahead we could see the group forming and we also spotted our squadron leader firing green-green flares. It only took a few minutes to get into formation and the group leader stated the group would leave on course, climbing in ten minutes, this meant that those who were late arriving would have to catch up or it they could not find the group, would have to go to war with someone else.” … “It was normal peel off and landing. Some of the planes were shooting flares while in the traffic pattern. Green flares were unofficial, but meant someone had completed their tour of duty, but red meant that someone was wounded. Yellow serious damage to the aircraft. The ground crews were out watching on the ramp, hoping their planes were not damaged much.”


Vlad, this is an example of a code used during an operation carried on during WW2:


Thank you both for the info. Good thing I am not a soldier, I’d have problems remembering all these combination meanings.


colors are us

(I always thought the Yellow/Green was to signify the Green Bay Packers had won ! :))


PS…when there is a third (top) stripe…it signifies a tracer color in addition to the star burst(s)


Any idea what “yellow yellow” is?