Signal Cartridge Headstamp ID Needed

Happy Holidays to Everyone. Can anyone provide the manufacturer and country of this Signal cartridge. I have had no luck with the name on google search. Headstamp reads: PWIEISZ (Maker I am assuming) 19 SIG (for Signal I am assuming). FPF 3 9 V809 97 (I am assuimg 97 is the year made)


Is this Polish?

Hi Curtis,

Made by Piepenbrock/Feistel (PPF) in Germany. “Sig-P Weis Z 19” means “Signalpatrone, 19 mm einzelstern, weiss”. Date of manufacture is 1994 valid until 1997.



Thank you Fede, I was hoping yo would see this one. Your Knowledge is immense and well appreciated.

Hi Curtis, for additional info, here’s a five piece package of these cartridges (the English language label was originally stuck on top of the German language label), Pete.

Spelling of WEISZ is a Bundeswehr specialty. In the logistics system and teletype writing, the letter ß (ess-zet or sharp s) was not transliterated as “ss” as is done in ordinary language but as “sz”. I assume it was done to ensure correct reversing of the process.
So “Einzelstern, weiß” would be written EINZELSTERN, WEISZ or a part named Ausstoßer as AUSSTOSZER in the logistic system databases.

Jochem, back then teletyping and maybe also for spelling in the NATO system.
Same reason there is a “transliteration” for “Ä” (ae), “Ü” (ue) and “Ö” (oe).

Also I found that when a PC system is installed in let’s say English it often happened that foreign (Latin) script in file names is not displayed correctly. Maybe that got fixed with Win10 or so.

Just my thoughts.