Silenced Weapon for 9x39?

Is this the weapon that fires the 9x39 cartridge? … TE=DEFAULT

yes this rifle can fire SP 5 and SP 6 ammunition.
this rifle is called VSS .

One of them, at least; besides the VSS Vintorez shown above, there’s also the VSK-94 sniper rifle, the AS “Val”, the SR-3 “Vihkr” and 9A-91 submachine-gun-sized “assault rifles”, the OTs-11 “Tiss” (an AKSU, only chambered in 9x39), and the OTs-14 “Groza” modular rifle-grenade launcher.

Some pictures of the above:

VSS Vintorez (Rifle, Special, Sniper “Spiral”, apprently from the spiral pattern of bleed holes around the barrel);

AS Val (Special Automatic “Rod”, apparently from the suppressor tube)

9A-91 small assault rifle

VSK-94 (a lengthened version of the 9A-91, made specifically for sniping)

SR-3 Vikhr (this is about the size of a full-size Uzi, with armour-piercing capability out to 200 metres)

OTs-11 Tiss (“Yew”; this is an AKSU reworked for the 9x39 round)

OTs-14 Groza (“Thunderstorm”; depending on how you want to put this rifle together, you can assemble it as a combination grenade-launcher/rifle, a compact rifle, (suppressed or non-suppressed), or a sniper rifle (suppressed or non-suppressed)


What might the bullet weight run in one of these? I’m thinking between 250 and 350 gr. Does that sound about right?

Published specs on these are 16.2 grams and 16 grams for the SP-5 and SP-6 respectively; that translates to ~ 250 and 246 grains.