Silent 30-06

The ECRA show in Germany is now one week ago and besides meeting good friends and having a great time,
I was also able to add some extremely good pieces to my collection. The highlight probably being this cartridge.
The so-called silent 30-06. Not much is known about this cartridge except the patent number (#4,173,186).
The patent shows the interior design of the cartridge and a copy of that was already in this forum in an earlier
9MM discussion which was started by Lew Curtis.


This version has a steel head, brass primer and the neck is slightly shorter than a normal 30-06 cartridge.
Case length is 60,6 MM and overall length is exactly 80 MM.
The cartridge has no headstamp. If anybody has more information. Please contact me so I can put something
together for the IAA journal. Enjoy . . .


If I remember correctly, the cartridge designation was XM76. There are some posts in the Forum Archives.