Silver Bear .410 pack

I am posting this for Dan Dietz. He wants to know the meaning of the number printed on the seal bag and if is made for the military.

Nothing military in this. And why should a military use these?

Civilian sale here in the US, available for many years. I bought a box of them for my .410 bolt action shotgun, sold for about $6~8 a couple years ago.
There was another version with a brass case, buckshot, and slug, loads, much more popular since they can easily be reloaded.
The code on the bag looks like it may be an importer code, not a US bar code. Interesting that the number bellow the bar code is 147962-000-00. Where does Dan live, which might explain the code?

When you find retail boxes like this in plastic wrap with numbers, or with partial over-label stickers having barcodes / numbers on them, it is usually just the inventory-control system from the retailer. Cabelas is the worst, doing this with stickers on every single box shipped via web-order and it is mind-numbingly annoying to the collector or retailer trying to preserve or resell boxes from them. I use a heat gun to get labels like this off if they don’t peel easily. I would prefer bags like the one shown in this regard since they could just be cut open. It’s good for keeping out moisture anyway I guess.