Silver tip API .30 cal grain weight?

Was there ever any 30 caliber projectile for either 30-06 or .308 in API which weighed in at 155gr? I was under the impression that they were all around 150gr, and basically only available as pulled 30-06 surplus from either U.S. (M14A1) or FN manufacture? Both being silver tip as far as I know.


.30-06 API

Belgian API (almost identical to M14A1) weight 149 grains.
Winchester’s API M14A1E1 weighs 148grains
Remington’s API T15E1 weight = 164 grains (I’ve never seen one).

US M1917 API weight = 150 grains

Thanks! AP & API ammo and bullet selling has gotten hot lately, and some sellers are giving specs that seem off, and a little bit goes a long way in determining what something is for these bullets.