Simonov & Tkachev AO-63 assault rifle

The AO-63 is a twin-barrel 5.45x39mm calibre assault rifle designed by Tkachev & Simonov and manufactured by TsNIITochmash with capabilities of firing from 850RPM or 6,000RPM when in two round burst mode making it the worlds fastest firing assault rifle known. It was used during the Abakan assault rifle trials by the Spetsnaz during the 1980s alongside other weapons with the Nikonov AN-94 being the winner. It is not known yet what the AO-63 exactly looks like but a number of people claim that an example was used in the 1989 movie Red Scorpion.


[quote]In the early 80-ies nothing remarkable river in Khakassia gave its name to competition, which was carried out to develop new high-performance machine. Today the name