Simply "45" Auto Round

Check out the bottom left 45 Auto case. Just “45” no maker or AUTO. The “45” is identical to that on the REM-UMC (1952-1960), first style R - P (1960-?), and PETERS 45 AUTO headstamps. By visual ident the primer is Remington too. No ejector scratches to indicate its ever been chambered. The jacketed wadcutter bullet isn’t like any I’ve encountered, and certainly unlike any of the Remington wadcutters which have a dimple at their top. Any thoughts?

A photo of the cartridge itself showing the profile of the SWC bullet would be helpful.

I seem to recall that was an Amron headstamp?

Left-to-right: “45”, Peters 45 AUTO, first type R - P 45 AUTO, WESTERN 45 AUTO, W-W 45 AUTO.

The AMRON/BROWNING removed headstamp still reads 45 AUTO but the 45 is a different and smaller font.