Singapore & Cheng Fock Choon

In one of the last dealing that I had with the late David Hughes, I was given a well worn manila small parts envelope which held the following items.

Two cartridges, one a ball loading and the other a dummy both bearing the head stamp of " SGA FG 223 " Nothing really new or earth shaking by any means with the cartridges but also included is a type written piece of paper with the following statement and the mystery:

5.56 x 45 Chartered Industries of Singapore
Experimental configuration: Base insert and
primer, inserted after powder loading.
Extractor size caused firing problems.
One lot: 500 Mfg in 1972, Cheng Fock Choon

Who is or was Cheng Fock Choon?

The loading’s for Singapore with the SGA FG 223 head stamp were made by a mix of suppliers. Cases made by HP in Austria, bullets and primers by Kynoch in England, the powder from Belgium, loaded by Kynoch. Using the Singapore dating system the letters " FG " denote the year as 1967.

So why is a lot of 500 shown as Mfg in 1972?

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Going back to a loading system used in 1860s for Snider ammunition ( coiled case) loadingmachine for primers had special roofvented chimney in case cartridge ignited whilst seating primer.
Method abandoned except for later Early 1900s " Recapping" of .303 Mark Ii ( Canada).

Cases “FG” loaded later, 72, as experiment
Not uncommon practice, helps distinguish exp

Why?? Try a system abandoned effectively 100 years previously?

Doc AV
I think the spelling is Fook ( cantonese).

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The whole thing seems strange. Why have monogram SGA if all components and loadings were from Europe for CIS. I agree with DocAv. Photos of the bases and profiles could help

Cheng is the guys surname
Fock or Foch in Mandarin actually means “name” This is the character. 福克
Choon is a boys name.


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Frank, this information is very interesting, thanks for sharing. I’ll really appreciate if you can post pictures.

Mr. Cheng was an engineer that worked for Ordnance Development & Engineering of Singapore -today’s ST Kynetics- and later for Singapore Aerospace Mfg. (established 1981). He must have been very important because today there is an award bearing his name.

Happy new year to you and your family as well!