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I have a 50 cal SLAP round with a headstamp 50 (calibre?) JF ( date 2006?) W (arsenal?), can some one please decode this headstamp, the date code would be nice too, any information regarding the projectile would a bonus.
Cheers Tony


HI Tony:
Yes you have the date code and caliber correct. The W is a code supposedly denoting the cartridge as a SLAP round.
Hope this helps


Regarding Singapore SLAP ammo .50cal, I have a couple of the HD Plastic crates these are packed in ( effectivley a Waterproof Cooler Box, not of Polystyrene, but a HDPE or HDPVC. Green, of course, with Nylon Rope Handles, and four Lockdowns (two per opposing sides. Crate will float (Empty) and as a resealble container, useful for other contents (Kit, medical supplies, etc; above all it is much lighter than a similar metal canister. Structurally can be stacked up to Five High when full; Easily Palletised, and the sides are in a two layer structure ( vertical struts etc.).
Singapore uses several sizes, of these Plastic crates. One for .50cal,Cans, another size for 7,62 and 5,56 cans. The 7,62 cans are the British style, narrower than US .30 cal, and longer.

Doc AV