Single sided cardboard - this stuff look ok?

Doesn’t say anything about acid-free, etc

Or do ya’ll have a better source?

B flute is rather small…….for rifle cartridges of all sizes, I use A flute. For 50 BMG, I’d go to even larger in flute size.



I have used almost 600’ of “Jumbo” flute single sided corrugated cardboard lining my dozens of steel blueprint file drawers, aluminum cooking cooling rack baking trays (great for dupes stored on a rolling baking tray rack) and any number of IKEA trays and boxes I use for sorting and transport.

I have has “0” issues with corrosion; but my room is in my homes HVAC controlled basement space.

I have never specified “acid free”…(as I think the commercial paper company would laugh at me)

I do have a 100 or more lead bullet (old school rimfire rounds) that I have noted no additional “white dust” corrosion you typically find from wood drawer storage…the white you see below…was “as received” (as far as I can remember)

What I did have happen; is that a third 250’ x 4’ roll (I had shipped to SLICS…4-5 years ago…to sell/trade off to the guys who always ask where I get mine for my table trays)…turned out to be a “smaller” jumbo flute than I previously and I wasn’t nearly as pleased with.

Six months ago I needed more and requested a sample and the jumbo flute arrived “white” faced…and I find that awesome in the new drawers I added

So you might be asking…where & and how much $ ?

It is a corporate paper product company in town (Green Bay, Wisconsin)(known for football and paper products…amoungst other things)

They would do me a favor and order “sample” rolls and I would pay the drop shipping…realizing that is a 4’ tall roll the width of a large refrigerator…it is truck shipped

There are lots of sources via Google…but not sure of “jumbo” flute (common the see “A” flute, etc…)

Here’s jumbo flute w/ 50’s

I am typed out

I’ve been using “A” flute corrugated paper for many years without any problems.

Regarding the question off “acid free” corrugated products, I’ve taken the following small step to insure safety. I spray the cut to size corrugated with a coat of polyurethane spray, such as DEFT or similar product.