Sinoxid primed empty 22LR cases

Can anyone tell me what the purpose is for these primed empty .22 long rifle cases? The headstamp is SINOXID. Perhaps for a tool application?

Guy - I know that you know this, but for those who don’t, “Sinoxid” was the RWS/Geco/Dynamit A.-G. trademark name for non-corrosive primers. Center-fire, pre-war primers of the Sinxoid-type are often impressed with a circle, or “O” on the primer cup.

I wonder if Ray ‘Wildcat’ Maketa has considered using primed .22 RF cases to develop the Maketa line of micro-caliber cartridges - .06-22, .08-22, .10-22, .12-22???


I would, but at least one other wildcatter thought of it way before me.

An old shooting friend passed away a few years ago and when his widow was cleaning out his shop she found several boxes of NPE rimfire brass and several different cartridges made from same. I have a couple of them in my collection.

We never could figure out where he got the brass but there were also a lot of other NPE that we wondered about even more, so he must have had an “in” with one of the big-kid manufacturers.

This was years before the recent rash of rimfire factory cartridges.

Small caliber wildcats have a big following of crazy wildcatters. I spent one afternoon with one of them in his shop near Reno and he showed me how to make 10 and 12 caliber jacketed bullets. Much of his work was done with a magnifying glass and if you dropped a 10 caliber lead core onto the floor you just forgot about it.

There’s an entire website devoted to tiny cartridges. I can give you a link if you’re interested.


I’d love to have the link. I have been impressed with the .224 bullets made from fired .22 rimfire cases that Sisk and Speer produced during WW2, so anything related to ‘home made’ jacketed bullets will interest me. Thanks.


It’s not a secret, so here it is.

Here’s one that will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about making your own bullets.


Here’s a jacket and lead core for one of the bigger ones, a .12 caliber.

Please note that I washed my hands and cleaned my fingernail just for this photo.


Ray, An amazing picture, now I want a .10 & 12 for my collection !! thanks for the links.


Is the word on the tin SALZ or SATZ ?

If it is Salz then I think the translation is “only load with salt” if so I would say these cases are for loading with rock salt and used for scaring off small birds, small vermin and small boys ;-)

If it is Satz then the translation is something like “only load with the set”, which could mean some other separate accessory made by the manufacturer of the cases.

Buchsen is another word for a hunting rifle.

It says SATZ. Translated: only loaded with primer component.


Any idea what the cartridges are used for ?

I’m impressed with how clean your hands are. You obviously don’t change your own oil. All I have to do is just open the hood of my truck and I’m digging grease out from under my nails for weeks.

The word on the label is indeed ‘Satz’.