Sinterfire Greenline

Announced on Sinterfire’s website 2 months ago, and now available on some retail websites is a line of loaded ammo from them called “Greenline”. It is loaded ammo using lead-free primers, and their copper frangible bullets. So far it looks like 9mm, .40S&W, .45 auto and .223 for calibers. It looks like the same thing that Fiocchi had been loading for a few years, but Sinterfire is now just loading their own. No word on headstamps, but I ordered a box of 9mm today and will find out soon.

I have had some of this Greenline ammo in 9mm for a few months now, but recently I noticed that Sinterfire is also selling slightly different variations called “RHA” and “Special Duty”. The RHA load is the same exact thing as the Greenline (both have the same dimpled-nose 90gr bullet), but it has a standard primer instead of the lead-free primer. The SD load also uses a standard primer, but has a hollow-point 100gr frangible projectile which Sinterfire’s website touts as being something which will leave “multiple permanent wound channels”.

So far, the headstamps I have seen are RWS on the 9mm Greenline load, and Starline on the 9mm & .40S&W Special Duty load.

My theory on why Sinterfire was willing to get into what seems like an overly saturated market with many different commercially available lead-free / frangible loads available (several of which they supply projectiles for), is that they have some law enforcement connections and hopes for contracts, or that perhaps Winchester (their largest customer) would be moving away from using their projectiles in their Ranger SF line, and Sinterfire wanted to put a loaded option out. Other than Sinterfire’s website, the only places I have seen these for sale online or anywhere is in terms of the Greenline or RHA from or The only place I could find the SD load was direct from Sinterfire or from Clark Armory who is also big into the new Polycase Inceptor. If one searches on Google for “Sinterfire Greenline” they will find this IAA post (with only 400+ forum views) as result #16, which translates to extremely tepid in terms of marketing / sales presence online.

One last thing which baffled me was after I placed my order direct from Sinterfire (a major ammunition industry supplier who has been around for a while now), I received the order of loaded ammo direct from them via the U.S. Mail. For me, this was a first coming from an actual manufacturer, or any major distributor or retail ammo sales outfit of any kind, all of which seem to know intrinsically that this is against U.S. Postal regulations.