Sintox 9x19mm ”Special" Bullet

Recently I received the following images of a Sintox box containing ammunition loaded with a “Special” bullet. The box was new to me but a German friend and Forum member came to the rescue.

His reply:

“This round was made in the late '80th. I got mine with a note: made in 1988, for police and civilians. Clean fire Primer , Spezialgeschoß means totally encapsulated / lead base not exposed to
hot gases. You may call it the first clean indoor round.”

It is nice to have smart collectors in our community!



Described as a new product in April 1982. Also introduced in .38 Special and .357 Magnum.

From c. 1985 catalog:


But when this projectile hits the backstop wall at the end of the range, it will fragment and expose the lead, right?

They are filled with tin!

The Danish police have shot Speer with tin filled bullets but with normal primers for many years. Now S&B has gotten their game together and they are now supplier of 100% lead free ammo in 9mm

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The bullet base (lead core) is covered by a metal plate, which shields the lead core from any melting by the propellant gases.
German ranges usually have a back stop filled with sand, which prevents the bullet from fragmenting. In case of a metal backstop, air flow is arranged to go from shooters to the backstop in such a way that no lead emission reaches the shooters.

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I remember the Speer ‘Lawman’ ammuniton that had bullets which were labled TMJ/‘Total Metal Jacket, and there is a lot of reference to them, but I could not find anything on when they were released, although I believe it was around the sme time, early to mid 1980s’.
The question would be, who holds the patent?
And, of course, I could not find that either…