Sioux Empire Cartridge Collectors Associations Cart. show

Please consider exhibiting or attending the 35th annual (SECCA) Sioux Empire Cartridge Collectors Association Cartridge Show
July 31st and August 1st, 2009
Ramkota Inn
Sioux Falls, SD
Show information along with hotel and registration info is on the IAA Home page.
Scroll down to (on left side) Other Informations and click on
Other Cartridge Shows.
Bob Cameron - contact person has tables waiting for you.
This is the longest running cartridge show in America. 35 years!
Bob Ruebel



While I certainly plan to attend the SECCA show, but it is not the longest running show. I believe it is the next largest after St Louis and always great. The Kansas Cartridge Collectors show is holding their 41st annual show Sept 18-19 in Abilene, Kansas at Sterl Hall. Contact Vic Suelter for info. 785-524-4895. Listing in on the IAA home page. Always a tremendous auction and lots of walk ins.

Hmmm…next largest?
How many tables?

The SECCA show generally has 100 tables but has had as many as 140 in the past. How many tables are at Williamsport and your show at Lancaster, PA?

Wow, that’s bigger than I thought. We average about 53-55 at the Denver/Morgantown/Lancaster show, I think the Williamsport show has been in the 80s at times.

Gary- details details details. We will argue over a beer or two in SF SD tomorrow night.
My poetic license came from the article in the Guide to Ammunition Collecting on page 4-6. Since the first all cartridge show was held in Sioux City, Iowa in Oct. 1963, the SECCA show has to be spin off and is now held in SF SD. Makes perfect sense to me. I must be right?
Anyway - If you Forum participates want to attend a great Midwest Cartridge show, come to Sioux Falls, SD this Friday and Sat. or come to Abilene, KS on Sept, 19 & 20, 2009.
Bob Ruebel