Sioux Falls Cartridge show


Just thought I would comment on the Sioux Falls, SD cartridge show. This is one of the longer running cartridge shows in the country. It was my first cartridge show when I attended in 1978, traveling with Howard Hooverstahl. Howard was there among the 100 or so tables of cartridges and great displays. The auction went well and included some more items from the Alvin Olson collection sale that immediately preceded the show. I was able to receive delivery of two nice additions from that On-line auction. Alvin has more to go for a sale again next year.

I was pleased with the following additions to my collection at the Sioux Falls show.
22 JGR rimmed, Italian wire/lead ball shot concentrator, three window shotshell spreader loads, 7.9x104 Polish antitank, half full box of 10.6mm Spanish Ordnance revolver rounds plus a couple of other items. Actually my bag was full. No 9x19 mm however. I will have to wait for the ECRA show for those. Selling was brisk as was the conversation, especially at the hospitality room after a few beers or wine. Many of the collectors picked up the latest DVD update of the IAA journals for only $10 since they were previous purchasers.

Bob Cameron and John Kuntz always do a nice job putting on the show. I am sorry but have no pictures to share. Millie took quite a few and I am sure they or some of them will be in the Journal.

Abilene, Kansas is the next cartridge show in this part of world, September 17.


Oh, come on, no one has photos to post? I am sure someone has them. I’d like to see how things are in the land of “Dances with wolves”.